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Seymour's Second Journey

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Imagine, it is a winter morning, and you wake up to get dressed. You put on a jacket, winter hat, and boots and run out the door. But when you open the door, it is a lot warmer than you imagined. It is almost hot! Oops! You didn’t think about what the weather would be like during January, because it is, well, January.

Of course, it is a bit unusual for it to be hot during winter months, but our weather changes quite drastically sometimes. And it is happening more and more often. Have you heard of people talking about the ocean getting warmer? Or perhaps, you notice more intense storms, tornados, hurricanes, or floods?
Boca Save our Beaches introduces, “Seymour’s Second Journey into Changes of the Sea” – an interactive children’s workbook educating future generations on the issues of global warming and climate change, and what we can do to help. The workbook, written by Jessica Gray, is ideal for students ages 7-11. The colorful pages, illustrated by local Florida marine artist Tom D’Auria, depict the story of a Seahorse named Seymour that embarks on a lesson about changes happening in our ocean.

Follow Seymour to "see more" of the sea and begin conversations with children on how our actions affect the environment. The workbook is a useful instrument for those looking for educational material on climate change and can be used in schools, communities, and at home.

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