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Boca Save our Beaches offers community outreach programs perfect for the workplace, school systems and neighborhoods.
Our programs offered create a sense of community and brings people together.
Not only do our programs serve a practical purpose, such as education, cleaning and revitalizing an area, but also, people often leave our events with a greater sense of unity, friendship and purpose.
It isn’t uncommon for our participants to develop a love for nature, develop a new respect for one another and attain a sense of pride in their community after an event hosted by us. 

Protect what you love.



Our workbook introduces young students to marine debris and helps them understand why ocean pollution poses such a threat to our seas. 

Follow Seymour to "see more" of the sea! Students will learn to recognize, investigate and take action on marine debris.

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All of our waste goes somewhere, and when we don't care about our trash, it becomes litter.
Our conservation programs highlight how to take individual action to reduce single plastic by practicing the 4R's: refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.  

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Getting outdoors and experiencing nature in meaningful ways leads to happier, healthier and more productive individuals. ​


We provide cleanup supplies needed to furnish your group with hands on opportunities to engage in team building while giving back to the community.

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Check out how our friends from Calusa Elementary spent their last day of Spring Break. We were happy to introduce a straw ban topic to City Council. Thank you Councilwoman Monica Mayotte for realizing the harmful effects of single use plastics!

Boca Raton Straw Introduction

Boca Raton Straw Introduction

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